Shark Tank India — Applications — Screening — Interview — Grilling

Vineet Nandan Gupta
5 min readJan 16, 2022

Most of us would have seen the US and America’s version of Shark Tank already and we were all so curious and excited that What will Shark Tank India bring on to the table?

So, recently one of my friend Sahil Pruthi, the founder of the Health Tech company Keto India pitched his business in front of the sharks in the shark tank which was no less than a dream come true for everyone.

We at All India Startups club with 85k+ members on Clubhouse hosted Sahil in a candid conversation where discussed his experience of pitching at Shark Tank India and learning from the same.

Sahil Pruthi, Founder -Keto India provide a personalized Keto diet consulting that helps clients with Weight Loss, PCOS/PCOD, Thyroid, and Diabetes.

They cover everything right from getting your body in a state of ketosis to helping people with calculated values of portions of meals that they should eat, helping them with the right supplements, and of course, loads of delicious Indian recipes on the keto diet to make sure that diet stays interesting to them.

Like a lot of others Sahil himself has been a huge fan of Shark Tank and its American version,so going on to the show was no less than a wish becoming reality for him. He got to know about Shark Tank India through a social media post in a group named ‘Delhi Startups’ and didn’t wait any longer and started with his registration process by downloading the Sony Liv app and filling in his details and received a questionnaire via mail.

Now, What was in this Questionnaire? Let’s find out.

✓ FIRST-ROUND: Calling In Application

1st Round of questionnaire

The first round of questions tests how serious a person is in their business and it is just someone applying to see the shark tank’s advertisement.

Questions spans around the legitimacy of one’s business and details like :

- Display Name,

- Registered Name,

- CIN, GST, PAN number

These questions are intended to verify if it is a registered company or not.

✓ SECOND -ROUND: Detailed Questionnaire

  • Part 1 :
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