Real Stories from Facebook certified Community Manager ft. VNG

Vineet Nandan Gupta
8 min readSep 20, 2022
Live Interview featuring FCCMs

Want to be a community manager and scale-up businesses with your expertise?

I will be spilling the beans about my whole journey of reaching this point and mastering this niche with the Facebook team. So, let’s fasten our seat belts, and let me take you to my childhood first so that we know a little bit about my background.

Flying is my first love!
The dream which I saw at the age of 4 was accomplished at the age of 28. I am a paragliding pilot by passion.

Being the kid from a military background, moving around places while growing up has shaped my personality to put things in perspective. Studying in 8 schools and 2 colleges says it all.

With every change in place came different challenges of making new friends, interacting with different folks, and settling in an alien environment. That’s how diversity came all along.

“It’s about connecting with each other and connecting with one another.”

Wherever you go, you connect with a person on some common ground, likes, dislikes, and do your mind mapping on how to move forward and things take their shape forward. You may or may not have an intimate relationship or understanding with everyone. I have a different understanding with my friends & acquaintances — Be it online or offline.

How I landed here:

I tend to be all over the place and figure out things along the way.

It sounds crazy, but somehow it has always worked for me, and now I don’t try to fight the natural instinct.

Before starting my community journey, I worked with various companies from start-ups to established. Also almost co-founded a travel company. Each step led to the next, now I am working on several projects.

Being vulnerable and going a layer deeper has allowed the creation of impactful relationships. It’s scary and counterintuitive, the connection is at a human level. This opened the doors to new opportunities and crystallized into my journey as a Community Professional. When you ask someone, what’s your story? Then the…

Vineet Nandan Gupta

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