Entrepreneur’s Saga on Shark Tank India

A kid in a Candy Store?

Vineet Nandan Gupta
6 min readJan 20, 2022


Just imagine as a kid going into a candy store and being excited to see what the store has to offer, different shapes & sizes, color, variety and so on… It’s the “Willy Wonka” moment.

In this case, the Candy Store is the Shark Tank India stage, where entrepreneurs across India are applying to get in front of the Sharks to pitch their idea, ask for funding, get mentored, and so on…

What’s more exciting than a roller coaster ride?

Let’s hop on this ride with Sahil on Shark Tank India which is full of excitement and nervousness as well.

What’s it like to be in a Shark Tank?

What are the Emotions that a candidate goes through from the first round to the final pitching session?

Shark Tank is not just a show, it’s an emotion and dream for many of us who have followed Shark Tank since it was telecasted in the USA and Australia.

Growing up watching Shark Tank US & Vault, another pitching show on television during his school days, followed the show for a long time and the news of Shark Tank coming to India was great news for entrepreneurs in India.

There is a very personal story behind “Keto India”, Sahil’s mom had brain surgery in 17-Sep-2017 and he as well as his sister had to leave their job to take care of his mother and the family. During the entire time period of 9 months, there was a realization that what was the reason for the surgery and how it can be stopped. It can be done with personalized nutrition, supplementation, and focus on clinical trial and now Sahil’s mom is healthy and was present with him during the pitching.

The idea that came as a personal insight is now a profitable bootstrapped business with 3,100 clients across 16 states in India and 25 countries across the globe earning decent revenue and in a good position to give it a shot.

From the time it was known that the application was being called for to completing the registration process within a few days idea was to not lose this chance of getting short-listed.

The worry “If my name is among the last few applications that could lead to a missing the chance to pitch.” a genuine worry or the anxiety both mean the same.

So, how does a contestant feel after submitting…



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