Community Building & how GAP (Gauhati Art Project)- a community for designers was born.

Vineet Nandan Gupta
6 min readAug 27, 2022

Building community is more than just bringing people together who share common beliefs and practices. It requires nourishment from time to time, like fuel to the engine. Ultimately defines as joint possession, everyone is considered an owner, an investor, and a contributor, thus creating the feeling of true belongingness.

When you are trying to promote your newly launched brand or are finding your way in freelancing, your community is what helps you break through it initially. Because when people come together, they get stronger, louder, and more visible. Each community has the potential to amplify its mission and causes. To build a community you also have to step out of your comfort zone, move from your laptop screen and go out for networking. That’s when a meaningful community over a period of time is formed.

Gauhati Arts Project — a community for designers was born
Vineet interviewing Abhishek on ONECelibre 2.0

When I interacted with Abhishek Choudhury- a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and co-founder of Gauhati Art Project, I made sure to know the inspiring journey of a designer. You may wonder what is G.A.P and what does it do? I got all the answers for you! Just hold your horses and let’s start with what inspired Abhishek to become a designer.

It was a natural instinct that made him inclined towards drawing, sketching, and designing together. As a child, he loved this part of his studies a bit more and was fortunate enough to get good support from his school and parents. They encouraged him and supported him to pursue design as a career. A career counselor was called from Delhi to Guwahati to explain to kids about their career choices, and that’s when he knew about illustration, designing, and about NID. But he landed up in an institute called Shristi Institute of Design, Bangalore.

He was pretty sure that he wanted to be an animator without even knowing much in-depth about animation. He loved cartoon characters and wanted to learn how to design them. While preparing for entrance exams for NID he learned that much emphasis was put on visualization, conceptualization, knowledge, and design.

Life at Shrishti Institute- “Was all about widening my horizons as a designer,” he adds. It was a 4 and ½ years, of course, that was divided into the first 2 years of basics of everything…

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